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How to Write an Exploratory Essay

Exploratory Essay Writing


Exploratory essay definition says that a student should be writing an essay to find out about an issue and maybe to construct some conclusions about how it may be solved. Exploratory essay is different from the other types of academic papers. Even it’s name hints at the necessity to go through the unknown territory and find your way there.


In other words, you begin your writing without knowing what will you get in the end. In a traditional essay, a writer should state a point at the beginning of an essay and prove it later. In this case, one should write a paper in order to find a point.


  • Exploratory essay topics are more about questions and problems than about ideas.
  • It would be right to analyze several solutions of an issue in the course of the paper, demonstrating weak and strong points before choosing any of them.
  • An exploratory essay example you may find online demonstrates that the students are given this kind of the writing task to learn something on their own without any explanations from their professors.
  • As a rule, exploratory essay ideas and topics require students to perceive new information and analyze it. For some people, it is the best way of learning while the others can’t stand it. Try yourself and see!


student should be writing an essay to find out about an issue and maybe to construct some conclusions about how it may be solved.


Exploratory essay structure


  • Introduction

Present your topic. It can be done in a couple of simple ways. You can provide a quotation from a research paper, describe the main concept or event, ask a question in the first sentence.

Explain the issue and the reason why it is important. Perform general points of view on the topic and your personal ideas about the ways to solve it.


  • The Body

Provide additional background information. Consider one of the points of view that you have already mentioned and analyze it. Compare it to the other points.

Examine the pre-existing solutions and choose the best one, or offer your own in case if you are not satisfied with the given options.


  • Conclusion

Return to the introduction and make sure that you have answered the question. Evaluate each of the most important points you’ve made and share your personal thoughts about a possible solution to the problem.


A good exploratory essay sample makes student understand something new and useful. The main thing to remember when you are working on your paper is that your main aim is to explore and find solutions, but not to restate clichés like “killing people is bad.” Of course, it is bad, but why is that so? Try to be creative and specific!




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